Seal Coating & Crack Sealing

Seal coating and crack sealing in Maui

Give your asphalt pavement that extra layer of protection with our seal coating and crack sealing services. You'll also be protecting your investment and the appearance of the installation as well. We can provide this service with our new installations, as well as to existing asphalt paving done by us or other contractors.
Our seal coating and crack sealing work in Puunene

Seal coating

Seal coating adds an extra layer of protection on top of an already solid asphalt installation. Think of it like adding varnish and shellac on top of wood. The wood will be more resistant to the elements and every day wear and tear just by having this coating. The same goes for asphalt paving with seal coating. It's a great way to add a beautiful finish to your project, while enhancing its durability.

Crack sealing

If you notice slight cracks appearing in your asphalt pavement, they are not only making it somewhat unsightly, but also lending to damaging larger areas of the pavement as well. Small cracks can lead to big cracks that can lead to costly paving repairs and new installations. Getting those cracks sealed right away can save you a lot of trouble and money. Don't wait to get them fixed!

Authorized contractor for Seal Master Hawaii

Seal Master Hawaii is a local asphalt manufacturer and equipment supplier, producing pavement sealers, specialty oils, crack filler, traffic paints and more. As an authorized contractor, we offer nothing but the best from and to Hawaii!
A crack that needs sealing
Our team at work

Asphalt maintenance

Worry less about damage and making repairs to your asphalt pavement by contracting us for regularly scheduled asphalt inspection and maintenance services. By having us look after your property in this way, we can spot potential problems early and perhaps save you money in the long run by fixing and patching them before the get worse. 

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