Resurfacing & Repairs

Asphalt resurfacing and repairs in Maui

Nobody wants holes and cracks in their asphalt paving. Naturally, over time, it happens. But there is something you can do to add durability to your pavement and prolong its life. Find out about the benefits of asphalt resurfacing and repairs by speaking with one of our friendly contractors in Maui.
Our asphalt resurfacing and repair job in Puunene

Asphalt resurfacing

Like any other product or type of construction, asphalt paving takes a beating from the wear and tear of daily usage. As residents of Maui, we all know the harsh weather that Mother Nature sometimes throws our way than can take its toll on our properties. If your asphalt paving it looking a little worse for wear, and your worried about cracks and holes appearing, then having it resurfaced is a great plan of action. Get in touch for a free estimate on resurfacing.

Asphalt repairs

Have small or large holes appeared in the asphalt pavement on your property? Notice small cracks? Do the small cracks you saw before look like they are spreading further? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it is time to give us a call for asphalt repairs. Waiting longer will only lead to further damage and more costly repairs or even the need for a new installation. Contact us today to schedule an on-site inspection.
A road that needs asphalt repair
Our team at work

Asphalt removal

If after a thorough inspection, it is determined that your paving is beyond resurfacing or repair, we can provide you with asphalt removal services. So the site can be prepared for a new installation, should you choose that as the route to go in. We will never try to sell you more services than you need, and will only recommend asphalt removal as a last resort. You can depend on us for great results and honest advice.

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