Excavation Work

Reliable excavating contractors in Maui

Need land cleared? Working on a construction project and need the site prepped? Searching for reliable hauling services? Our team in Maui not only provides paving services, they are expert excavating contractors too! Tell us more about your project and see how we can help.
Our excavation contractors at work in Puunene

Site preparation

If you are working on a new construction project, from building a new commercial property to a condo complex, we can help you to prepare the site with our excavating services. We will work with your building contractors to decide the best plan of action to get your site ready to begin construction, so that you can start your project on a solid foundation.

Land clearing

There are many reasons you need land clearing services. Perhaps your are working on a new build, extending an existing property, building a parking lot, or planning a public park or playground. Whichever the case, having reliable land clearing services available to you will undoubtedly be part of the process. We'll come on site, evaluate the project, give you a free quote, and with your ok, we will get started on the job for you immediately!


Site preparation, land clearing, seasonal cleanups, storm damage recovery, and in a number of other situations - you may need professional hauling services. Sometimes a friend with a pick-up truck just isn't enough to get the job done. Save your time, energy, and possible damage to your own vehicles, by hiring us to get your hauling jobs done the right way. We offer fast, affordable service.

Call (808) 877-7110 for more information!

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